Monument to Kazimierz Siemienowicz

General of artillery and one of the pioneers of rocketry – Kazimierz Siemienowicz (1600-1651) was born in the Raseiniai region in a relatively poor family. However, despite his huge contributions to the science of rocketry, we do not know much about his early life.

It is known that Kazimierz participated in several wars: in 1633-1634 with Russia and 1644 against Tatars. It seems that his talents were acknowledged as the king himself sent him to the Netherlands to gain more knowledge about the art of artillery. In 1646 he returned to the Commonwealth, and from 1648 served as Second in Command of the Polish Royal Artillery.

It seems that the last years of his life had been very productive. In 1650 he published his magnum opus “Artis Magne Artilleriae” and in 1651 – he graduated at Vilnius University.

“The Great Art of Artillery” became a textbook for future artillery and rocketry sciences for the next two centuries. In this great book, a lot of attention was given to the art of producing artificial fires, which at that time were designed by military engineers. Learn more about Baroque fireworks in old Vilnius by clicking this link. 

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