Monument to Vilna Gaon

The Vilna Gaon (Elijah Ben Solomon Zalman, 1720–1797) became one of the symbols of the Jewish Vilnius, with countless stories and legends about him, so it is hard to even recognize what are the true facts of his biography and what are not.
A monument to the Vilna Gaon was unveiled in 1997, on the site of a former house where the Vilnius Gaon lived himself. The house that stood here was erected in 1756, when the Jewish community, to improve the living conditions of the Vilnius Gaon, built a small house for his family on Žydų (Jewish) Street, where he lived until his death. A small house of prayer, called in Yiddish “Di gojens kloiz” (Gaon’s House of Prayer), was reconstructed next to the house, where he prayed, studied, discussed, and worked with students.
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Address: Žydų St. 3