Brzostowski Palace

In the 16th century, this plot belonged to the Bishop’s jurisdiction. In 1595, Bishop Benedyckt Woyna (d. 1615) granted a privilege to Jan Dzienicki to built a house in this plot. In 1640 a brick house was built in the southern part of the plot.
Both houses were bought by Cyprian Paweł Brzostowski (1612-1688), who later connected these two buildings into one. In 1760 Paweł Ksawery Brzostowski (1739-1827) inherited the palace. Under his initiative, the palace was reconstructed in 1761 (architect – Marcin Knackfus).
In 1772, the palace was sold to the Nagurski family and later belonged to the Oginski family.

Address: Domininkonų St. 18/2