Pac Palace on Didžioji St.

In a place where currently the Pac palace stands, in the 16th century, two houses stood, one of them was called a Vytautas house. According to Braun atlas, this house belonged to Grigalius Astikas, Voivode of Trakai.

In 1667, Michał Kazimierz Pac (1624-1682), the Grand Hetman and Voivode of Vilnius, bought this house. Soon he acquired the nearby house, and in 1673-1677 these two buildings were reconstructed into one. The newly build palace had been one of the most beautiful baroque buildings, decorated by the best sculptors. No wonder that even Jan Sobieski, the king himself, in 1686 during his stay in Vilnius, resided in this palace.

The life of Michał Kazimierz Pac had two sides. On one hand, he was a ferocious and strict warrior, yet on the other hand – he was a generous and pious man.

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Address: Didžioji St. 6