St. Trinity Church and former Basilian monastery

St. Trinity Church and former Basilian monastery were built on the hill, on which the first three Christian martyrs met their final fate. According to the legends, due to this reason, in 1347, the St. Trinity Church was built on this hill.
The St. Trinity Church, which stands to our days, was built in 1514 under the initiative of Konstanty Ostrogski. Around the same time, the formation of a monastery and church ensemble had started.
In 1607, after the Union of Brest, the monastery was given to the Uniate Basilian brothers, and in 1610 Basilian sisters settled here. After the fire of 1760, the church had been reconstructed by famous architect Johann Christoph Glaubitz. The St. Trinity Church was extended and the towers were built on the western and eastern sides of the church.
Uniate Basilian brothers were expelled from their home in 1821, and Orthodox brothers settled in this complex.

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