Pylimo Street

The current Pylimo street precisely marks the contours of the once-standing southwestern defensive wall. It is taught that the name of the street originated from the earthen ramparts that were poured here to strengthen the city’s defense. Even though almost all former city’s defensive structures had been demolished at the beginning of the 19th century, on the east side of Pylimo Street, there are many fragments of the former defensive wall, which were cleverly incorporated in the structures of the adjoining houses.

As archaeological research shows – areas around Pylimo St. were once extremely wet and swampy. At the place where Pylimo and Vingrių streets intersect, there used to be the Vingriai spring, which was the main source of freshwater to all Vilnans. From the 16th century, a cattle market operated behind the Rūdninkai gate.
Address: Pylimo st.